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Bicycles and Automobiles around Fudan University

December 14, 2010  |  China

I am unable to count the times which I have had near collisions while riding my bicycle around Fudan University.   The bicycle path on Wudong Lu is merely a painted path along the side of the road.  Because of the massive quantity of automobiles on the road without a developed system of publicly-accessible parking lots, the bike paths on Wudong Lu double as parking spaces for cars.  While I was riding my bicycle along Wudong Lu on the day of this writing, I was put into a dangerous situation while I was in front of a local hospital.  There was parked Audi car in the bicycle path in front of me, a city bus was approaching me from behind, a bus stop was in front of the parked car, and my bicycle brakes (like the brakes of cheap bicycle in China) were barely working.  The city bus whipped around from behind and drove toward the bus stop.  The bus thus sandwiched me between itself and the parked car with a mere 2 foot gap.  As a result of this, my handlebars just barely missed colliding straight into the Audi’s rearview mirror.  After this near-collision, I still had to swerve my bicycle into the curb and slam on my brakes before hitting the people who were about to get onto the bus, which was now at a complete stop.  I wish that this same type of story was a rare occurrence, but it seems to happen to me on a weekly basis.  Many of my fellow American classmates in Shanghai have had actual collisions with buses, cars, and mopeds while biking around campus.  They still have the destroyed bicycles and scars to prove their stories.
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