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Noise Pollution in Shanghai

December 14, 2010  |  China

On a warm autumn Friday morning, Tiger Woods lines up his par putt on the 9th hole.  The green is in beautiful condition despite being early November.  The perfect condition of the course could be attributed to the world-class skill of its grounds’ crew.  Without their tremendous efforts, the golf course would have been unable to attract the who’s who of PGA golf: Tiger, Mickelson, Ells, and more.  The most extravagant European-styled mansions and a luscious green forest decorate the outside of the playing field.   The entire view from the enormous gallery of people following the famed golfers is absolutely breathtaking.  Onlookers watch Tiger approach his ball, which lies about 15 feet from the hole.  He steps up to the ball, getting ready to take the short putt.  What makes this real life scenario exceptional is not its visual imagery, but instead the constant clamor of ambient noise missing from the appearance.  In a game necessitating such complete concentration as golf, honking car horns and droning sounds of motors are completely out of place. If it were not for the distracting clamor, Tiger might have made his putt and I could have fooled you into thinking this golf tournament could happen anywhere in the world.  However, the scene could only take  place in Shanghai, China.

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